Project and Sample by Janice Parsons
When we think of a new beginning we often have an image of a tiny seedling bursting with green life in resplendent sunshine…it’s how so many plants got their start…from thin blades of grass to mighty oak trees. It all starts with something tiny and grows into a natural masterpiece. It’s the same for beading, did you know?
Start with an idea, some inspiration, a thought…Janice was inspired by the West African Mixes and the new Egyptian Clasps…and thus this cuff came about! Beading with mindfulness and patience, designing with Janice’s techniques of lane-ing and spacing…it’s all in this bracelet’s origins.

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Be sure to watch Janice and Kate on Facebook LIVE January 24, 2018, or watch the rebroadcast above by clicking the Video Tab.
Cleo 5- Antique Copper
$5.35 USD
Soft Flex .014/Golden Bronze
$7.85 USD
West African Mix- Nature
$9.50 USD
4mm- Nebula Wasabi
$2.51 USD
Hematite- Matte Light Gold 2mm
$12.00 USD
Old Pottery- 6mm
$3.50 USD
Aged Travertine Stripe- Green
$4.21 USD
Tierra Heishi-Antique Brass
$5.75 USD
Tierra Heishi-Antique Copper
$5.75 USD
Teardrop Bauble- Antique Brass
$16.50 USD
Little Lentil- Antique Silver
$5.75 USD
Tiny Tassel- Olive/Gold
$1.65 USD
Make a Point
$2.50 USD
$1.25 USD
Beadsmith Crimp Tubes- Assorted Colors
$7.25 USD
3mm Crimp Covers- Ant. Copper Plate
$4.50 USD
Wire Guardians-Antique Copper
$4.50 USD
Oval Antique Silver Jump Rings - 4mm/20G
$2.00 USD
Xuron 4 in 1 Crimper
$21.95 USD
Xuron Thread & Cord Scissor
$19.95 USD
Eurotool Chain Nose Pliers
$12.95 USD
Eurotool Bent Nose Pliers
$12.95 USD
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