Treasured beads, pearls and carved pendants from The Orient were once so abundant and now are fading into the sunset and then gone forever. Janice came across a secluded warehouse filled with rare finds from the 1980’s and 90’s. Tucked away for close to 30 years, these wonderful pendants, pearls, chips and stone beads have faded from the bead market…. now we’re lucky if we see them in antique stores. We discovered so many goodies, we’re keeping it simple: Great Prices, Limited Availability and everything is AS IS. If you're not happy with your purchases (which we can't believe will happen...but if it does...) you have 30 days to return to us for Store Credit. Also, please handle the carved, stone pendants with care. They easily break if dropped...we've learned the hard way! We hope you enjoy our secret stash of Vintage Finds.



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