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On November 16th, 2023 we implemented a new and improved Rewards system. Our old program went kaput, and so we took the opportunity to make the new system far easier and better than ever, thanks to your input from our last customer survey! All the old points balances and tiers have transferred, and the way you spend your points is so much easier! Read on...

  • Create an account: 10 points right away!
  • Earn 1 point per dollar spent (excludes gift card purchases, taxes, and shipping fees)
  • Receive 100 points on your birthday!
  • Following us on Instagram or sharing us on Facebook earns you and extra 10 points each.


          Yes, that’s you! There are three levels of VIB Rewards:


          Every member starts as a Copper VIB.

          At 1,000 points, you are promoted to Silver VIB status.
          At 5,000 points you are upgraded to Gold VIB!

          Both Silver and Gold VIBs will get valuable and secret surprises from time to time...check your inboxes often!

          THE REWARDS!

           As you collect points, you’ll earn Rewards. You can bank your points to earn higher Rewards OR spend as you earn them. It’s up to you! 100 points = $10 in Rewards. You can use up to 1,000 points per order...that's $100 off!! There are NO order minimums anymore, this new program is super easy and allows anyone to use the Reward amount that’s right for them at any time. 

          You can find your points balance and Rewards by clicking the REWARDS button at the bottom right corner of our website, this button is on every page. 
          To redeem and use a Reward, simple click the Rewards button, click “get rewards,” and you will see “cash discount” with either a “redeem” button to select a new Reward and/or and “apply” button next to previously-redeemed and unused Rewards.

          To select a new Reward, click REDEEM. Use the slider to select the amount you wish to use. Click REDEEM again. Next, hit APPLY and you’re done!

          Rewards are not combinable with any other discounts, coupon code, or offers except for markdowns, such as our Item of The Week, Closeouts, or Markdowns sales. Markdowns can be noted by an item having the price slashed through and replaced by a lower price--it's marked down on the site itself with no code needed, and therefore can be combined with other codes at checkout.


              Do I need to sign up for the Rewards Program?
              If you have an account with beadshop.com you are automatically signed up already! If not, create an account and you'll be good to go. As long as you are logged in, your points will be earned. All accounts are attached to the email address used at checkout, so please be sure you're logged in and/or using the same email address!

              How can I check my Points Balance?
              Click "Rewards" at the bottom right of your screen. From here you can see your balance, select Rewards, and see other ways to earn points (you never know when we may be able to add more ways!)

              How do I apply my points?
              Be sure you are logged in. Hit the Rewards button at the bottom right corner of the screen, then select "get rewards." Click Cash Discount and then move the cursor to select the amount of Rewards you want to use, from $10-$100 based on the amount of points you have available to spend.

              When choosing your rewards, please take care...rewards cannot be reversed once selected. Keep in mind, a Reward is a coupon code. Our system does not allow for more than one code per order, so choose the coupon or Reward that will save you the most!
              ONE MORE THING! We cannot apply a Reward retroactively. If you've checked out and forgotten your Reward, we cannot apply it after the fact. We CAN apply whatever coupon is happening in-store at the moment, but Rewards are a different breed!

              What about returns?
              If your purchase earned points and you return it, those points will be deducted from your point balance. Please be aware that this could create a negative points balance.
              If you are returning items on an order made using a Reward, you will receive your refund at the discounted rate the item was purchased at.

              Do Points Expire?
              No, they do not! But you do need to make at least one purchase per year to keep your Rewards Account open. Your Reward Codes do expire, however...codes are good for one year from the date you cash in points for one.

              Can I transfer my points to someone else?
              No, I'm sorry...they are yours and yours alone!

              Where Did My Points Go?
              When you choose to redeem a Reward your points are cashed in for it. Your cumulative total stays the same--counting towards your Silver and Gold Tier status. But your available Points Balance will fluctuate as you spend dollars to earn points and spend points to get Rewards.

              The Fine Print:
              beadshop.com reserves the right to end this program at anytime and without notice. Points hold no cash value. Rewards codes expire one year from date Redeemed. This program started January 4, 2018 and does not apply to orders before the 2018 date. Points acquired before November 16, 2023 still apply to your account but any unused Rewards from before November 16, 2023 are no longer valid. Points are awarded for product purchases only, shipping fees and taxes will not earn points.