Beadshop Gift Cards

Beadshop Gift Cards


Want a gift card for that special beader in your life? We have you covered with fun gift cards you can personalize. You select the design and write in your message and then check out. All that's left to do is for you to forward it to your lucky recipient. Here's how it works:

1. Click the CUSTOMIZE link below.

2. Pick your OCASSION and then select a design you like.

3. The card will ask you to write in your name, your beader's name, and a message. Then click SAVE. This brings you back to our website.

4. Click the "Preview" button to review your message. This opens a new tab or window in your browser and allows you to check that you like your design and message. If you don't, just start again by closing the Preview Window and clicking on the CUSTOMIZE link again. (Note: The dollar amount and gift card code will not appear on your preview.)

5. If you like it, go back to the Gift Card page and select the $ amount from the drop down menu. Add the card to your cart and check out.

 6. Our website will send you an email with a PDF attachment of your Gift Card. You can then print it out or forward it to the lucky recipient. 

Please note the following guidelines for Gift Cards:

  1. Discount or promotional sale codes do not apply when purchasing Gift Cards. 
  2. Once the purchase has been completed, the Gift Card is emailed directly to you at the email used to make your purchase.
  3. Every Gift Card is assigned a unique code which is used by the recipient during checkout. If there is a $ balance after purchase, the code can be used on additional purchases until the Gift Card balance is zero.
  4. Gift Cards do not expire.
  5. A lost Gift Card can be retrieved via your email. A stolen and used Gift Card cannot be replaced.

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