Shipping FAQ

At, we pride ourselves on loving each and every order. Our mission is to be your bead shop; we are your eyes on every product. We want you to open your package and feel everything was hand-selected, which it is.

Priority and Express orders get our immediate attention. We are in the office Monday-Friday from 9-5pm PST.  Anytime you have a question about your order, please call us at (650) 474-0101 or email us at

Effective April 15, 2016, all First Class Orders to anywhere in the US and Canada will cost $3. We do not have a minimum order amount, so you can order as little or as much as you want. 

Shipping Options:

United States Destinations

$3 USPS First Class

$6 USPS Priority

$20 USPS Priority Express

Canada Destinations

$3 USPS First Class (Ships as an envelope, no tracking and can take up to 3 weeks)

$9 USPS First Class (Ships as a package, has tracking and can take up to 3 weeks)

$25 USPS Priority International

$40 USPS Priority Express International

International Destinations (not including Canada)

$35 USPS Priority International

$60 USPS Priority Express International


Order Processing Time:

First Class:

We will ship all First Class orders to US and Canada within 3 business days. Our goal is to get them out as fast as we can, so often times it’s 2 business days, but we don’t want to over-promise. If you need your order pronto, we recommend you upgrade to Priority or Express and get the quicker expediting and faster shipping.

Priority or Express:

We will ship all priority and express orders out next business day if your order is placed before 12am PST.

If you place a Priority or Express order before 1pm on a business day and need us to expedite same day, there’s a good chance we can. Call us by 10am PST at (650) 474-0101 to give us a head’s up. You can also email us at We’ll do our best. Otherwise, it will be shipped next business day.

Transit Time:

This is our best guesstimate of the time it takes for the US Postal Service plus Customs (where required) for your order to arrive at your address AFTER it leaves our office. Of course, weather and other events can delay your package. But based on our experience, this is a good indicator of the length of time it takes.

US Legal Holidays are not counted as business days (sorry about that!).

APO/FP orders can take up to 10 days more due to extra security screenings they may go through.

Also, orders shipping to Puerto Rico, Guam or the US Virgin Islands may take up to 10 days longer than the estimates below.


United States Destinations

First Class:

4-9 business days (California is going to be the fastest, of course)

USPS Priority:

2-4 business days (delivery time not guaranteed to Alaska, Hawaii or US Territories.)

USPS Priority Express:

1-2 business days (delivery time not guaranteed to Alaska, Hawaii or US Territories.)


Canada Destinations

First Class:

6-25 business days

USPS Priority:

3-15 business days

USPS Priority Express:

3-7 business days

International Destinations (does not include Canada)

USPS Priority International:

4-25 business days

USPS Priority International Express:

3-15 business days

Taxes and Duties

Every country is different, so we recommend you check with your Post Office, but most countries charge import duty/taxes on what we ship to you. We are not responsible for any fees related to duty and taxes. Also, Customs in your country can slow down the delivery time. We take extra care with your order(s) because we know Customs can be challenging, so we always double-check we have your order correct and then we package and process it to the highest standards based on our experience with International Orders. Please contact us if you have any concerns and questions. We can be reached at


Frequently Asked Questions

Does my order having a tracking number?

Yes! Every order has a tracking number. When you receive your Shipping Confirmation Email, it will include that tracking number. You can keep track of where your order is by clicking on that number. It will take you to the USPS website.

I haven’t received a Shipping Confirmation Email. What do I do?

If you don’t hear from us within 3 business days from when your order was placed, please do the following:

  1. Look in your Spam Folder first. It’s possible it went there. If it did, please mark it “not spam”, so this doesn’t happen on future orders (which we hope will happen again!)
  2. Contact us immediately. Either call us at (650) 474-0101 or email us at We want to find out if there was a glitch in the email system or what and why you don’t have that information. 
My order shipped USPS Priority and I didn’t pay for it. Why?

The US Postal Service has a weight restriction on First Class Packages. The weight limit is 15.5 ounces. Orders that include design boards, tools and most large orders weigh more than 15.5 ounces. We don’t charge you extra for the upgrade; we pay the difference, but your order will ship within the 3 day time-frame for First Class Packages.

What if I forget to add something to my order. Can I add it? Will I be charged again for shipping?

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to store credit card information and we don’t yet have a website capable of allowing you to add to your order. If you haven’t received a shipping confirmation email regarding your first order, we can probably combine your orders. If we can, we will refund you the shipping charges for the second order. You can always check with us Monday-Friday 8-4pm PST at (650) 474-0101 or



We want you to be happy with everything you purchase. If you’re not, we want to know about it. We ask that all returns for refund be done within 30 days of confirmation of package delivery. Exchanges can be made within 60 days of confirmation of package delivery. Anything returned between 31-60 days of purchase will qualify for store credit only. Sorry, but we do not take back returns over 60 days and we do not refund for shipping on returns, unless it was our mistake or the product is defective. Then, of course, we will pay to have it shipped back.

Our one exception to the 60 day policy is the Ultra Thread Zap. This is the one product that has chronic problems. We check every Ultra Zap that leaves the office that it works….look for the Red Dot. It is not a “Guaranteed for Life” type of tool. Put a battery in it and check yourself that it works and use as directed.

To expedite your return and exchange or refund, please contact us by email or phone (650) 474-0101 to give us a head’s up to look for your order. We ask that you include a copy of the invoice or a note with the order number and the reason for the return. Orders should be shipped to us at:



1755 East Bayshore Road

Suite 18B

Redwood City, Ca 94063

If the product was defective or we shipped you the wrong item(s), we will reimburse you for return shipping or send you a label so you can just pop it back in the mail with no fuss or muss. We don’t refund for shipping on orders when you decide not to keep something.

Lost Package

Sometimes it happens. That’s one reason we want you to notify us if you don’t receive a shipping confirmation email within 3 business days. We can start problem-solving immediately and figure out what to do.

Sometimes your package is delivered but is nowhere to be found. Here’s what we’d like you to do:

  1. Ask a neighbor, apartment manager or postal carrier if they saw it or received it. This is often the case. Problem solved.
  2. If that’s not what happened, contact us. We’re going to give it 3 business days from the time the post office says it was delivered before we spring into action. Not all the time, but sometimes the confirmation from the USPS confirmation email says it was delivered but it really hasn’t. It’s weird, we know, but they get it right almost all the time, so we cut them some slack.
  3. If your package still hasn’t shown up after 3 business days, we will reship you the whole thing, no charge. This is a rarity, but we will. If the package does arrive, please let us know and we will send you return shipping postage so you can mail it back.
  4. If this happens a second time, we want to problem-solve the issues because if it’s not the post office, it’s more than likely a case of the delivery address is exposed to a passerby, etc.. Would you be better off having it delivered to another, more secure address?

I forgot to use my coupon code…

If your purchase was made during a sale or promotion and you forgot to enter the code, we are happy to refund back to your credit card the difference. We will honor sale prices and coupon codes for purchases made during the scheduled period of the sale or promotion. The refund will go back to your credit card. Please contact us within 5 business days of the purchase. Sorry, but we do not honor coupon codes for purchases made before or after the dates of the sale.





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