Alfie, our only four-legged team member at beadshop was destined to have a mix of his own. Inspired by the subtle colors of his paws, the deep and rich differences of his dark and light coat, and his green-amber eyes, Karen created a Limited-Edition Mix called Alley Cat. She said she created this mix based on the image of “cat at midnight”. Alfie was rescued by our team when he was just a few weeks old… a tiny ball of fur, meowing his head off, under a bush. It was love at first sight! All we can say is, “What was life like before we got Alfie?”

We hope you like Alley Cat. To help support animal rescue, beadshop will donate $1 of every Alley Cat sold to Pets in Need, a no-kill shelter in Redwood City, CA. It’s such a full-circle story...Pets in Need was founded when Lydia had the old shop in Palo Alto. She was very active in helping it get started. And we’re thrilled to come back and help again.

Thanks so much,
~Alfie and the team



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