April 22 is a very special day to all of us at beadshop. It is the birthday of our founder, Lydia Teichner, my mother, my coach, my strongest cheerleader. It was Lydia who started the little antique shop in Palo Alto in the early 60’s. It was Lydia who taught me about business and the importance of relationship with her customers over and above everything else.

Every year when I celebrate her birthday, I think back on the day she asked me to go in to business with her. I was an advertising executive and single mother with an infant daughter. It was Lydia who instinctively knew that the way I could support my daughter and not be a slave to office hours was to be my own boss. I was able to bring my daughter, Ashley, to work with me. I could pick her up from school and not worry my boss was counting my absences.

Lydia made possible. She taught me her love of beautiful things, especially art, antiques and beads. And because of her, I know the importance of family. It was because of Lydia’s loving ways that I knew it was the right thing to do to move to Virginia and help my daughter and her husband raise my grandson. And Lydia guided me to find Kate (again) and form a new partnership, like I did with my mother so many years ago. So, Happy Birthday, Lydia! We miss you. I miss you, but you’re still here…Our Fearless Leader!

xoxox janice



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