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It’s hard to imagine without my mother, Lydia Teichner. As founder of the original shop, her values have been the guiding force to our goals and mission. Early on, Lydia instilled in me her passion for quality craftsmanship, taking care of your customers, and never taking “no” from anyone. In turn, I’ve passed these ideals on to my daughter, Ashley, as well as the staff here at Beadshop. 

On April 22, my family celebrates her birthday. She died relatively young; she was just 73. From when I was a child, my mother would say how she never wanted to grow old or become a burden. I would insist that she would always be beautiful and that she would never become a burden. She loved beautiful things. She adored vintage jewelry and celebrated her personal style by dressing fashionably every single day of her life.

We miss her, but she’s not really gone. Her presence is with us in how we answer every customer inquiry, how we add that extra embellishment to a design, and how we never say no to thinking outside the box of our potential. I feel like she’s still on my shoulder calling the plays…ready to pick up the phone and call the President or CEO or Prime Minister…because that’s what Lydia would do!

So, Happy Birthday, Lydia. We promise to always celebrate you!

Xoxox Janice, Ashley, Kate, and your team at BSDC



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