Just In is very near and dear to my heart…It’s like looking at photos of my newborn child; I have nurtured and coaxed each one of these products to life!

But it takes a village to bring you new products. Kate and Emily steer me to beads and tools they want to design with. Drea edits my scribbling and makes sense of it. Karen photographs and posts them on the website. Baranduin orders in products and checks inventory. Cara, Mayra, and Jocelyn fill orders and Ivan ships them out.

Every step is curated by your team at beadshop. But it’s what you create with it that brings us the most joy. So, let us know what you design. I hope you’ll join us in our private Facebook Group, The Bead Table, and share your creations. And, please let me know about beads and supplies you’d like us to carry!

Xoxo janice and your beadshop team



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