I can’t believe I’ve moved to Virginia and have at my fingertips so much inspiration, so many new things to experience. Recently I went to the National Museum of the American Indian and I was blown away by the extraordinary beauty and sense of both powerful cultures and connections to the Earth. I thought about how I “talk” about being connected to Nature, finding inspiration from our surroundings…and I was stunned how American Indians believe in it from before birth to after death. It was so humbling.

And this last weekend, I was lucky enough to drive out to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. I’m not a spinner or weaver, but I shopped for Kate and Emily, who are. Everything was so natural and inspiring, and it all  started with wool from sheep.

Again, I was impressed with a sense of roots, history, and belonging to the land. I’m not saying let’s throw out technology, but let’s do and see things that explore where we come from, what is important to value. And let’s share this with our families and friends.

xoxox janice



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