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The Knotpendium

Joining our famous Stitchionary and Needlepedia resources, we're now starting our ultimate knot reference...The Knotpendium!

Kate has also created a Knotting Playlist on YouTube that she'll add new videos to as well!

The Basics: Overhand, Surgeon's, Half-Hitch, and Lark's Head Knots.

The Carrick Bend Knot, as seen in these earrings.

The Josephine Knot, as seen in these bracelets and this cuff.

The Chinese Button Knot, as seen here, here, and here!

The Sliding Adjustable Knots, a great way to make a simple and adjustable necklace or bracelet.

The Mushroom Knot

The Flat Square Knot

The Snake Knot

This list is in no way exhaustive, and we'll be adding more to our Knotpendium whenever we can!