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Cleo 5- Antique Copper

30x10mm Plated Brass Magnetic Clasp 5 Rings IHD:1.6mm

Unit: each
$5.45 USD

When Janice worked in her mother’s vintage jewelry store as a teenager, Lydia sold jewelry in the Egyptian style made in the 1940’s. They would be closed with a clasp like this. This wonderful clasp in Antique Copper is back with an’s now magnetic! One piece with 5 rings slides in and out of the outer sleeve with 5 rings and locks in place. This clasp is so narrow that your design can be mainly beads with very little space needed to be spared for the length of the clasp. See how Janice uses it in Designing a Cuff. Made in Korea of brass. Nickel-free and lead safe. Hypoallergenic.

Sold Individually.