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Timeless Treasures Recipe

Kate is always bringing treasures to the table! These tasseled statement necklaces are easy to make and will flex your creative muscles with mixed metals, an assortment of techniques, and a variety of materials. This is a real “go with the flow” project and you can use just about anything! There’s no limits, no set amounts or lengths…take the inspiration from Kate’s pieces and run with it!

We consider this an All Levels Project and will take about 3-4 hours to complete.

Check out our individual samples for ideas, and choose you own ingredients with help from our general list below.

Additional Learning:

See the recipes below and click on product links to make your own selections. Please note that you may not need all of these ingredients…for example, you won’t need wire if you’re not planning on using a briolette or wire-wrapping your chain to connect to your leather or clasp…or you may not need Ribbon Ends if you’re not using Deerskin Lace. Buy what’s appropriate for your design! Add items to your cart the in the finishes and colors you like and you’re ready to create!


    You will also want to have: Eurotool® Nylon Jawed PliersXuron Maxi Shears,Bent Nose PliersRound Nose Pliers, and Chain Nose Pliers