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Sand and Water

Episode Notes Handout

Project Info:

Level: Intermediate

Estimated time: Weekend

Project and Sample by Emily Miller

Where the water’s edge meets the sand lies a whole world to be explored! The sun gleaming on the water, millions of tiny grains of sand, swirls of foam in the clear waves…sigh…do you feel relaxed yet?
Herringbone ladder is a tricky one to learn…but we know you can do it! Emily has “a lot to say” about it, as she put it! We’re excited for Em’s tips and tricks, aren’t you?

Check out our Recipe Page for the basics and make your own colorways. Enjoy!

Additional Learning:
Ingredients list is to the left and easy shopping can be done with the Shop Tab above!

Please join us as our worldwide community gathers on Facebook and YouTube at 10:30am Pacific Time on March 27th, 2019. It’s so much fun to go live with us and bead together! After the live broadcast the video will be available above.

Sand and Water

Swirl- Antique Silver


$1.25 USD

Metallic Pearl- 0.5mm Indian Leather by the Yard

Leather- 0.5

$1.50 USD

Fireline- 4lb Crystal, 15 Yards


$5.25 USD

SuperDuos- Cobalt Matte Rembrandt


$7.60 USD

DB001- Delica Gunmetal 11/0

Miyuki Delicas- 11/0

$4.25 USD

Tribal Heishi- Silver

Metal Beads

$14.95 USD

Botswana Agate- 4mm Rounds

Gem Rounds- 4mm

$16.00 USD

Matte Black Gold Amazonite- 6mm Rounds

Gem Rounds- 6mm

$6.50 USD

Hematite Cut Cubes- Matte Silver 2mm

Gem Cubes

$10.00 USD

English Beading Needles, Size 10- 4 Pack


$3.25 USD

Project Tray Inserts

Design Boards & Storage

$10.25 USD

Fireline- 4lb Crystal, 50 Yards


$10.95 USD

Old Fashioned Beeswax


$4.25 USD

Maxi- Shear Flush Wire Cutter


$22.95 USD

Clampers (1 pair)


$1.75 USD

Project Map

Please note! Some beads are no longer available, but we've done our best to offer up suitable replacements!