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How to Knot a Mala Recipe

Malas are a beadshop classic! A mala is traditionally used in Buddhism for meditation and chanting. With 108 beads plus a guru bead, they are both functional and beautiful. Create your own using updated selections from our collections, as our older samples have many beads that are no longer available…but are no less beautiful and inspiring!

Additional Learning:

  • FB Live: Mala With Tassel
  • How to Knot a Mala Handout

Check out our individual samples for ideas, and see the general recipe below and click on product links to make your own selections. Add items to your cart the in the finishes and colors you like and you’re ready to create!


Some of our past samples have used Transitions beads or wire at the tassel, if you’d like, use these and the appropriate tools. You could also use our newer Tiny Tassels, which wouldn’t need wire or crimping to hold in place.

You will also want to have:

GS Hypo Cement, Knotting Tweezers, Old School Thread Clippers