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Linda Rolsma 2nd Entry

"Peaceful Courage"
by Linda Rolsma

What a fantastic Beader Showcase entry inspired by our Facebook LIVE episode on Earring Basics.

We just love her interpretation of the techniques shared on that episode. Wire wrapping is a super versatile technique and is perfect for this earring design. Linda has been making jewelry for about a year and a half and when it comes to picking a favorite project to work on, it’s hard to choose! In Linda’s words “I just want to make something beautiful.”

Linda credits recent Facebook LIVE episodes for fueling her creativity as well as finding inspiration from projects on the beadshop.com website.

She is a mom to 5 adult children and many fur babies and lives in the beautiful state of Colorado. In her free time she loves to sew and garden in addition to creating lovely jewelry. Thanks so much for sharing, Linda. We just love your earrings!

  • How to Make a Wire Loop
  • How to Wire Wrap a Bead Unit
  • How to Wire Wrap Using a Headpin
  • How to Open and Close Jump Rings Securely
  • 3 Dots Ear Wires- Sterling
    $4.25 USD
    3 Dots Head Pins-Silver
    $6.65 USD
    8-4514- Picasso Seafoam Green 8/0
    $5.95 USD
    Carnelian- 6mm
    $6.00 USD
    Shortcut - Vintage Silver
    $2.95 USD
    Amazonite- 10mm
    $4.50 USD
    8-4501- Picasso Transparent Saffron 8/0
    $6.25 USD
    Maxi- Shear Flush Wire Cutter
    $19.75 USD
    Eurotool Bent Nose Pliers
    $12.95 USD
    Eurotool Chain Nose Pliers
    $12.95 USD
    EuroTool Round Nose Plier
    $12.95 USD


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