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Earring Basics <br>1.18.17

Project Info:

    See Project Map below for details on each earring style.
    As this is an older episode, many components are no longer available!
    We link to available components wherever possible, and replacements wherever necessary.

Level: All Levels

Estimated time: 20 minutes per pair

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In this broadcast, Kate & Janice are all about earrings! They share insight on making the perfect pair of earrings along with a bunch of tips, tricks, design ideas and wire techniques on earring making. You’ll see a variety of designs using different materials and come away with inspiration galore and skills to create many pairs of earrings for your collection.

Skill Builders and Handouts used in this project:
See the Project Map below for what we created during the broadcast along with any project notes. Shop the products by clicking the shop tab above.

Earring Basics

2 inch Headpins- Antique Brass (20 pieces)

Head Pins

$4.95 USD

Eurotool Chain Nose Plier


$12.95 USD

Maxi- Shear Flush Wire Cutter


$22.95 USD

Project Map

Please note that many of the components used are no longer available after so many years! Below, ingredients that are no longer available are marked with an asterisk, and the link brings you to a good replacement or the broader general category of that component so you could choose a replacement you like.

 Style 1.  

 Style 2.

Style 3.

Style 4.

Style 5.

Style 6.  

Style 7.  

Style 8.

Style 9.