Deco Wrap

Project by Janice Parsons
Sample by Kate Richbourg

Inspired by one of Kate’s favorite paintings, the Deco Wrap is Kate’s take on Janice’s classic Color Study Project. “The Bridge” by Joseph Stella is a painting of the Brooklyn Bridge evoking Art Deco Style.This 7-wrap bracelet incorporates architectural and industrial lines while still encompassing all the classic stitches that make up the Color Study Project.

Links to Learning: *Please note that this is an older handout and is not to be followed exactly, but reviewing the techniques in it may be helpful.

Be sure to watch Kate and Emily on Facebook LIVE January 17, 2018, or watch the rebroadcast above by clicking the Video Tab.
Bali Button- Gold
$2.35 USD
Distressed Gray- 1.0mm Indian
$6.95 USD
Metallic Gray- 1.0mm Indian
$6.95 USD
Dark Grey- KO Thread
$4.35 USD
Gunmetal - Regular C-Lon
$4.25 USD
11/0 Metal Seed Bead Gilding Matte
$6.50 USD
11-2022 Matte Opaque Antique Beige
$3.75 USD
BGL2-190F Matte Nickel Plate
$6.00 USD
TL2008- Matte Metallic Green Iris
$7.25 USD
TL2064- Matte Metallic Blue Green
$7.50 USD
Hematite- Matte Silver 2mm
$12.00 USD
Hematite- Matte Light Gold 2mm
$12.00 USD
Big Shadows -Antiqued Silver Plate
$5.25 USD
Wheat- Antique Brass
$4.95 USD
GS Hypo Cement
$5.35 USD
Size 10 4 Pack Beadsmith Seed Bead Needles
$3.00 USD
Flexible Eye Needles- 10 pack
$4.00 USD
Old Fashion Bees Wax
$2.95 USD
Project Tray Inserts
$10.25 USD
Deep Dish Project Tray
$19.95 USD
Maxi- Shear Flush Wire Cutter
$19.75 USD
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