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Flexible Eye Needles- 10 pack

Twisted Steel Needle with Eye IHD: 1.7mm

Unit: pkg
$4.00 USD

This is by far Janice's favorite needle. Made in America of medium-heavy gauge steel, they work so well with threads of different sizes. As the thread passes through the eye (1.7mm in diameter), the eye collapses and brings the needle and thread through the beads without so much as a complaint. It will even thread organza ribbon through large-hole beads. Measuring 2-1/2" in length with a needle diameter of 0.2mm, they are reusable several times. To re-open the eye of the needle, gently twist the point of your tweezers inside the eye to reshape it open.

For pearl and gem knotting using bullion, keep a spare bead with a very small bead hole you can use just to flatten the eye of the needle before you thread on your bullion. 

Sold in package of 10 needles.