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One of our most influential projects, Color Study was a hit the minute it was published. It was released in sections over a series of weeks and became an instant success. In 2017, Janice created this new sample, but with a more artistic POV. “What happens when you just bead for pleasure and allow the pattern to surface?” In this week’s FB LIVE, Janice and Kate are going to explore the technical and artistic side of Color Study. We think you’re going to want to watch!

Additional Learning:
  • Color Study Project
  • Download Episode Notes
  • How to Secure a Project to a Board
  • How to Macramé
  • How to Add Thread to a Laddering Project
  • Dragonfly- Amber Gold
    $5.50 USD
    Seafoam- 1.0mm Indian
    $6.95 USD
    Apricot- KO Thread
    $4.35 USD
    Turquoise - Tuff Cord
    $4.75 USD
    11-2022 Matte Opaque Antique Beige
    $3.75 USD
    11-4204 Duracoat Galvanized Champagne
    $4.95 USD
    BGL2-2008 Matte Teal AB
    $4.85 USD
    CzechMates Tiles- Pacifica Watermelon
    $4.95 USD
    CzechMates Tiles- Teal Bronze Picasso
    $6.75 USD
    CzechMates Tiles- Matte French Beige
    $7.15 USD
    CzechMates Tiles- Picasso Opaque Pale Turquoise
    $3.25 USD
    CzechMates Tiles- Matte Metallic Copper
    $3.35 USD
    Half Tila TLH2008-Metallic Green Iris
    $6.50 USD
    3mm- Dual Lustered Blue Green
    $2.35 USD
    Little Shadows- Copper Plate
    $19.95 USD
    Big Shadows Copper Plate
    $3.25 USD
    Wheat- Satin Gold
    $4.95 USD
    GS Hypo Cement
    $5.35 USD
    Size 10 4 Pack Beadsmith Seed Bead Needles
    $3.00 USD
    Beadsmith Big Eye Needles
    $3.75 USD
    Old Fashioned Beeswax
    $2.95 USD
    Project Tray Inserts
    $10.25 USD
    Deep Dish Project Tray
    $19.95 USD
    Project Map

    We had so much fun this week. It was all about color, the boho style and beading without limits. This sample ended up being 8 wraps….Janice just didn’t want to stop! We have Episode Notes ready to read! Just click on the “Episode Notes” button near the top of the page and download the companion handout. All the links and tips are there at your fingertips. Thanks for watching and, if you like what we’re doing, please tell your friends.



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