Size 10 Sharps Beadsmith 20 Pack Sewing Needles

Size 10 Sharps Beadsmith 20 Pack Sewing Needles

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The first question Janice asked when Emily said we need to carry the Sharps Size 10, is “what’s the difference between a Sharp 10 and an English Beading 10?” Well, Emily had quite the answer! “First, they are half the length. Instead of 2⅛” long, the Sharps are 1¼. They are also heavier and stiffer, so they are great for sewing backing onto cabachons and for embroidery and applique. They are considered one of the workhorses of sewing needles.” Made in England of nickel-plated carbon steel, John James Needles are known for their consistent high quality and precision manufacturing. Always keep needles away from infants, children, and pets.

Sold in blister card of 20 needles.

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