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Size 10 20 Pack Sharps Sewing Needles

1-1/4" Carbon Steel All-Purpose Needles

Unit: pkg
$3.25 USD

Considered a "workhorse" in the sewing needle community, Sharps are the needle of choice for Emily and Kate when they want to embroider with beads, sew backing onto a cabachon or get into the nooks and crannies of a project with a needle and thread. Shorter and sturdier than an English Beading 10, a Sharps will give you years of value. As they are heavier than a Size 10 Beading Needle, bead holes of tiny gemstones or small freshwater pearl bead will not fit. Use with beads like Miyuki Seed beads, Czech Glass and beads with hole sizes larger than 0.6mm. Needle eye fits KO, Hana, C-Lon D and Micro C-Lon.

Made in China of nickel-plated carbon steel, John James Needles' inspects and packages all their needles back in England. Always keep needles away from infants, children, and pets.

Sold in blister card of 20 needles.