Fine French Bullion-Gold

Fine French Bullion-Gold

.9mm Gold-Plated Base Metal Bullion IHD:.7mm
Unit: pkg

Dating back at least 75 years, French Wire, aka "Bullion", is a tiny coil that is used to protect your thread or stringing wire where the clasp meets the beads. You only need a small amount to make the U-turn at the clasp. Very similar to a slinky, this finely-coiled bullion is used to cover your thread and keep it out of harm’s way where it gets the most wear and tear: at the clasp. Since bullion is fragile, use sharp cutters to make clean cuts. If you are stringing using Griffin Silk, the needle is already attached, this size bullion will fit comfortably up to Griffin’s size #4. If you are using regular thread, collapse the eye of a flexible eye needle before stringing the needle and thread through the bullion. Micro C-Lon will fit through doubled. Made in Pakistan. Nickel Free and EU compliant. Learn more by watching our broadcast Learning to Use French Boullion.

Sold in package of 14-16 inches.

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