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Cog Spacers- Silver

Appx. 0.7 x 2.5mm brass beads, IHD: 1.2mm

Unit: Strand
$12.00 USD

Perfect for a steampunk piece or just wherever a little extra texture will be the right touch, these tiny gear-like spacers have a ridged edge. It's just the right amount of oomph!

Project Ideas: We think they’d look great in Across Cultures, but also right at home in a Zen of Stringing or in a Master Class style necklace.

Sizing Info: Approx. 0.7 x 2.5mm with 1.2mm hole. Due to their handmade nature, slight variations in size are to be expected and some may accommodate thinner/thicker cords and threads.

Made in India.

Sold on 24” strands, approximately 768 beads per strand.