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6-4233 Duracoat SL Rose Gold

4.5 x 3mm Seed Bead with 1.5mm Hole

Unit: tube
$7.00 USD

Rose gold has our hearts, it's true! In seed bead form, it's the perfect pink: rosy and translucent with a silver lining. Gorgeous.  A shoe-in for the spring-rose themed June 2022 Monthly Mix, By Any Other Name.

Project Ideas: Try it in Odyssey or a Tahoe Wrap.

Sizing Info: With a generous hole, we love how these look laddered with C-Lon and they are extremely adaptable to macramé using .5 Chinese Knotting Cord

Manufactured in Japan by Miyuki.

Sold in a tube of 20 grams. Approximately 250 beads.