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Tubular Bead Crochet Recipe

Bead Crochet is Emily's favorite technique! In this project you will mix and match beads (or use all one color, it’s up to you!) while creating a dense rope, it’s a mesmerizing process and you’ll find it tough to put down!

On FB Live Emily teaches this project using old style Czech seed beads, they have so much character as well as a shape that nestles together perfectly for this project. You can easily adapt to using any seed bead, including Japanese Miyukis…although we wouldn’t mix the two, as their shapes are slightly different and it could affect texture and look.

**Important! Some basic knowledge of crochet will help you out here, and the amount of beads you use is entirely up to you…how long do you want your piece to be? For this project, you’ll be stringing seed beads all at once onto your thread, then using that long thread to crochet from. So, to gauge how many seed beads you will want to purchase, consider this: For every foot of strung seed beads you will net about one inch of crochet.

Additional Learning:


You will also need: Crochet Hook #8 .90mm, Bob-EEZ Small Bobbins, Foam Bead Mat, Thread Snips.