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Summer Series

Summer is the best time of year for jewelry: bare arms, open collars and hair piled up in pony tails. It’s the perfect season for a casual collection of bracelets, earrings and necklaces…one style you can throw on in June, wear swimming and hiking, and let the memories pile up ’til October. Summer Series is a video project by Brittany Ketcham which inspired our team to create collections each of us can wear and enjoy. Part One is Tribal Ladder Bracelet and Part Two is three statement pieces (necklace, earrings and adjustable bracelet) that share the stage. We hope you enjoy watching the videos and will make lots of keepsake collections to share with friends. Like all great summer memories, some of the beads in the samples were in stock and now never to be replaced. Although sad for everyone, it reminds us that we can adapt and find new ways to create. So, enjoy Summer Series from all of us at


Ocean Breeze


Hippy Dippy

Coppertone Baby

School's Out