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School's Out!

Project Info:

Quantity Needed For Project:

Level: Beginner

Estimated time: 4 Hours

Refer to Project Map

School's Out!

Round and Round- Antique Brass


$12.50 USD

Metallic Teal- 1.5mm Indian Leather

Leather- 1.5

$7.25 USD

Gold Fill Ear Wires w/ 3mm Bead

Ear Wires

$5.25 USD

Butterfly Effect- Gold


$1.95 USD

Chinese Coral- Regular C-Lon

C-Lon: Regular

$4.95 USD

6-3802- Pearlized Light Amber 6/0

Miyuki Seed Beads- 6/0

$4.95 USD

Norwegian Wood

Mirage Beads

$2.75 USD

Happy Donuts- Antique Brass

Metal Beads

$5.25 USD

Sliders- Antique Brass

Metal Beads

$5.50 USD

Transitions Crimp Beads- Antique Brass

Metal Beads

$3.50 USD

Pony Express Beads- Copper

Metal Beads

$5.95 USD

Pony Express Beads- Brass

Metal Beads

$5.95 USD

Pony Beads- Brass

Metal Beads

$6.95 USD

GS Hypo Cement


$5.35 USD

Beadsmith Knotting Tweezer


$3.95 USD

Eurotool Ultra Flush Cutter


$37.95 USD

Eurotool® Nylon Jawed Plier


$21.95 USD

EuroTool Round Nose Plier


$12.95 USD

Project Map

Project by Janice Parsons
Sample by Karen Marshall

Everyone wants to be off for the summer and who wouldn’t want to wear this casual, fun collection? Based on a 2014 design by Janice, Karen created a theme based on her favorite summer colors: turquoise, gold and coral. Of course, she also loves skulls! So, get your groove on…gather your friends and go to the beach or poolside with your beads and supplies. And don't worry about keeping everything perfect. After all, this is summer and school is out!