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Homecoming: A Curated Collection Recipe

Episode Notes

Janice found inspiration for her curated collection from this lovely image of the Walking Buddha, known as Phra Leela. As we look at the Buddha, his right hand is raised, left arm by his side and his right leg behind: this posture represents the Buddha returning to Earth after his journey to Heaven.

“I am not a Buddhist but I fell in love with this graceful image of the Buddha and I wanted to create a collection of beads that would kindle a creative spirit in anyone who wants to join me on a journey of beading. The necklace I made from the collection is just one way to interpret Homecoming.”

Many of these special items are exclusive to this curated collection and are not available for sale individually. To make your own, check out our Tribal and Gem and Earth Stone collections. We hope you’ll join us on Facebook Live on December 4, 2018 when Kate and Janice travel together. The video will be available here and on YouTube after the live broadcast ends. And, hopefully, you will post your creation on our community Facebook, The Bead Table.

Kit includes:

*At this time, these items are not available for individual sale.

Additional Materials: Macrame board or deep dish project trayBig Eye NeedlesChain Nose Pliers, Beading AwlGS Hypo Cement, and Old School Thread Clippers.