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Project Info:

Level: All

Estimated time:

Refer to map


Vintage Lever Back- Antique Brass (3 pair)

Ear Wires

$4.75 USD

Distressed Brown- 0.5mm Indian Leather by the Yard

Leather- 0.5

$1.50 USD

Natural- 2.0mm Indian Leather by the Yard

Leather- 2.0

$1.95 USD

ParaWire Bare Copper- 24G Round


$4.00 USD

8-501 Opaque Avocado

Miyuki Seed Beads- 8/0

$4.25 USD

8-4692 Frosted Op Glazed Rainbow Yellow

Miyuki Seed Beads- 8/0

$7.55 USD

6mm/18g Jump Rings- Antique Brass

Jump Rings

$4.75 USD

Beadsmith Bent Chain Nose Plier


$25.95 USD

Beadsmith Chain Nose Plier


$26.95 USD

Eurotool Ultra Flush Cutter


$36.95 USD

Eurotool® Nylon Jawed Plier


$21.95 USD

Project Map

Project and Sample by Kate Richbourg

Remember that early-80s Levi's 501 commercial where the woman yells out, "Travis, you're a year too late!" at the end? That's all Kate could think of when whipping these quick leather earrings up! And thus, we bring you: The Travis Earrings. Effortlessly cool, easy to make, pairs perfectly with your jeans. Travis doesn't know what he's missing.

To create:
-Cut two lengths of 2mm leather to 6" each. 
-Cut two lengths of 0.5mm leather to 6" each.
-Cut two lengths of 24g wire to 10" each.
-Create the wire-wrapped seed bead sections. Feed about thirty 8/0 seed beads onto your wire (Kate did 10 green, 10 yellow, another 20 green). Coil about 6-7 wraps of wire-only (no beads) around your 2mm leather near the center of your 6" length. After the initial wraps without beads, slide your beads up and continue to coil with the beads, then end again with another 6-7 wire-only wraps. Trim any excess wire. Adjust the bead unit to the center of your leather as needed.
-Take the 2mm leather, create a teardrop loop and feed the tails into a 6mm jump ring, then fold the leather tails back down on themselves. Secure with a Silk Wrap using 0.5mm leather. Trim any excess leather.
-Attach the jump ring to your ear wire. Repeat for the second earring!


Please join us as our worldwide community gathers onFacebook and YouTube at 10:30am Pacific Time on September 8th, 2023. It’s so much fun to go live with us and bead together! After the live broadcast the video will be available above.

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