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The Fitzgerald Necklace

Project Info:

Level: beginner

Estimated time: 3-4 hours

Project and Sample by Kate Richbourg

While getting ready to go live for The Gatsby Necklace, Kate was struck with inspiration. Yes, the white pearls are classic, but how would a dark colorway look? Pretty darn good, we think.

When planning The Great Gatsby, his 1925 masterpiece, F. Scott Fitzgerald said he wanted “something new—something extraordinary and beautiful and simple and intricately patterned.” We couldn’t think of a better way to describe this beautiful cascade of onyx, jet fire polish, and picasso melons.

Strung easily on Soft Flex with a gleaming Czech glass Daisy (Buchanan) button for the clasp, the ladies have a few tricks up their sleeves that you'll be delighted to learn and apply to other stringing projects.

Check out our recipe page to create a design in colors you choose, too!

Be sure to watch Kate and Emily string away on Facebook LIVE December 20, 2017, or watch the rebroadcast above.

The Fitzgerald Necklace

Flower Star-Golden

Czech Glass Buttons

$5.75 USD

Soft Flex .014/ Satin Silver 10ft

Soft Flex

$7.85 USD

Onyx- 4mm Round


$5.00 USD

Onyx- 6mm Round


$6.00 USD

Onyx- 8mm Round


$7.00 USD

6-401F Matte Black 6/0

6/0 Miyuki Seed Beads

$3.35 USD

6-401 Opaque Black

6/0 Miyuki Seed Beads

$3.15 USD

8-401- Opaque Black 8/0

8/0 Miyuki Seed Beads

$3.50 USD

11-401F- Matte Black

11/0 Miyuki Seed Beads

$3.25 USD

Beadsmith Crimp Tubes- Assorted Colors

Soft Flex Findings

$7.50 USD

3mm Crimp Covers- Gold

Soft Flex Findings

$5.95 USD

Maxi- Shear Flush Wire Cutter


$19.95 USD

Xuron 4 in 1 Crimper


$23.75 USD