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Summer Tahoe- Wine Country

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Project Info:

Level: All

Estimated time: 1-2 Hours

Project by Janice Parsons
Sample by Jen Tello

Enjoying a glass of wine under a big oak in the heart of a Napa vineyard is one of life’s extraordinary pleasures. This is the bracelet to share your journey with!

Inspired by our best-selling project ever, Tahoe, this design is easy to make and looks so effortless. You won’t want to take it off! If you want to make multiple bracelets, you have more than enough leather, 6/0 seed beads, and Little Shadows. You will need to purchase additional clasps, charms, and Sliders and Evolve metal beads.

Additional Learning:

Summer Tahoe- Wine Country

Metallic Gold- 1.0mm Indian Leather by the Yard

Leather- 1.0

$1.65 USD

Evolve Crimp Beads- Gold (4 Pieces)

Metal Beads

$4.95 USD

Sliders- Gold (20 pieces)

Metal Beads

$12.50 USD

Tierra Heishi- Bright Gold (50 pieces)

Metal Beads

$7.25 USD

6-1236 Matte Terracotta 6/0

Miyuki Seed Beads- 6/0

$6.38 USD

$7.50 USD

Little Shadows- Bright Brass

Metal Beads

$12.95 USD

Metallic Gold- 1.5mm Indian Leather by the Yard

Leather- 1.5

$1.75 USD

Eurotool Ultra Flush Cutter


$36.95 USD

Eurotool Chain Nose Plier


$12.95 USD

Project Map

Ocean Breeze is such a simple yet beautiful design. Be sure to factor the length of the clasp into your measurements. For a 7 inch wrist, your total length should be about 7-1/2 inches. Don’t make it too loose as the leather will stretch a bit over time. Please watch the video from Facebook LIVE, June 21 to see how Kate and Emily construct Summer Tahoe. And for more inspiration, be sure to click on 5-7 Wrap Tahoe for ideas on how you can grow into one of our all-time favorite projects.