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Everything needed to make a complete Summer Tahoe is included in the kit(s).

Level: All
Estimated time: 1-2 Hours

Summer Tahoe


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Every year when the weather turns hot and we put on our capris and short sleeves, we look for that one go-to bracelet to wear all summer. Tahoe is that project. When we created it in 2010, the ingredients just blew off the shelves. Looking back, we must have sold 10,000 Transition Beads and at least 20,000 Slider beads…we bought out the Tierracast factory…several times!

Watch as Kate and Emily make these quick, fun, sexy summer leather bracelets in three bright colorways. And then get ready to take some kits with you to the lake and make with friends! Happy Summer!

Project Level: All
Time to Complete: 2 Hours

Additional Learning:
  • Tahoe
  • 5-7 Wrap Tahoe Handout
  • Eurotool Ultra Flush Cutters
    $37.95 USD
    Eurotool Chain Nose Pliers
    $12.95 USD
    Handy Tape
    $9.25 USD
    Project Map

    Ocean Breeze
    Wine Country

    If you missed the original broadcast of Facebook LIVE on June 21, the rebroadcast is shown above. Be sure to download Episode Notes by clicking the button. And, if we’ve sold out of kits, see the links above, they'll take you straight to the project pages and a list of ingredients. Happy Summer!



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