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Soft Touch .010/Satin Silver

Size .010, 10 strands of Micro-coated Wire, Diameter 0.254mm

Unit: spool
$5.95 USD

Just right for floats and fine-gem stringing, Soft Touch in Satin Silver is the premium wire ideal for bridal, resort, and holiday jewelry. Test strength is 5 lbs, so it’s going to do most of the lifting you’ll ever need for jewelry with small beads. We love how supple it is, so it’s our first-choice for gem floats, like Floating Spaces. Made in America. The diameter 0.254mm. Intended to be used with 1.5mm Crimp Tubes.

Be sure to check out our great Soft Flex episode of Facebook LIVE from 5.10.17!

Sold on spool of 10 feet.

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