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Floating Spaces

Floating Spaces

Wishing you could create a necklace that is full of beads and the lightest in your collection? This is the technique for you! Each step is accompanied with a delicious, full color photograph. After you've mastered the techniques, try using different gemstones or crystals in all of your favorite colors! Download after completing purchase, in PDF format.

Happy Beading!


Level: Intermediate

Download PDF




- Up to 150 Beads of assorted sizes
(they can be all of one kind or a variety in both size,
material and shape).
fine gemstone rondelles work really well.

- 2 Beads with large holes

- 1 Spool of fine beading wire, like .010 SoftTouch Soft Flex

- 1 bag 2x2 crimp beads

- Lobster claw clasp

- 3 inches chain for an extender


    Studio Essentials

    - Bent-nose pliers

    Needle-nose chain pliers

    Round-nose pliers

    Flush cutter