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R.A.W Part 2<br>10.4.17

Project Info:

Level: All

Estimated time: Weekend

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Ready, class? Now it’s time to embellish our Right Angle Weave base…have you done your homework?

Make sure you have watched RAW Part 1 from 9.27.17 so you can successfully embark on this new journey!

Tune in to watch Kate and Emily on Facebook LIVE October 4th, 2017. The ladies will finish this design with both embellishments and adding a toggle clasp.

More Learning:

R.A.W Part 2

Fireline- 4lb Smoke Grey, 15 Yards


$5.25 USD

11-4479 Duracoat Opaque Moody Blue

Miyuki Seed Beads- 11/0

$3.95 USD

11-4481 Duracoat Opaque Eucalyptus

Miyuki Seed Beads- 11/0

$3.95 USD

11-526 Silver Gray Ceylon

Miyuki Seed Beads- 11/0

$2.95 USD

6-3956 Miyuki Baroque Pearl- Silver 6/0

Miyuki Baroque Pearls

$8.75 USD

English Beading Needles, Size 12- 4 Pack


$3.25 USD

Fireline- 4lb Smoke Grey, 50 Yards


$11.95 USD

Old Fashioned Beeswax


$4.25 USD

Maxi- Shear Flush Wire Cutter


$22.95 USD

Awl for One


$3.95 USD