11-4481 Duracoat Opaque Eucalyptus

11-4481 Duracoat Opaque Eucalyptus

2 x 2mm Seed Bead IHD: 1mm
Unit: tube

Our desire for the perfect blue-green is insatiable and Eucalyptus hits the mark on so many levels. We’re not surprised it was at the top of Emily’s wish list for new colors. With a duracoat finish, the coating is more stable and has less chance of chipping than a regular color-coated bead. This could be a perfect bead for Ombrė Peyote or Spiral Rope. We can see it paired with 11-2028 and 11-2029 for a lyrical blue-green color story.  The 1mm hole size allows multiple passes for bead weaving with KO. Made in Japan by the Miyuki Bead Company.

Sold in tube of approximately 10 grams/1100 beads.

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