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3-Corner Diamonds- Copper

Appx. 7x6mm brass beads, IHD: 3.1mm

Unit: Strand
$18.00 USD

These are too cool...kind of like a triangular shadow, these beads feature three faces, each diamond-shaped. They fit together snugly and look very sleek.

Project Ideas: See how Kate ladders with them in her newest project, The Innovator Bracelet. We think they’d look great in Across Cultures, but also right at home in a Zen of Stringing or in a Master Class style necklace.

Sizing Info: Approx. 7x6mm with a 3.1mm hole. Due to their handmade nature, slight variations in size are to be expected and some may accommodate thinner/thicker cords and threads.

Made in India.

Sold on 24” strands, approximately 85-90 beads per strand.