Harvest- Lauren Hartman

Project by: Lauren Hartman

Here we are, with Autumn upon us again, and you are gazing wistfully at this gorgeous design and we know you want to make it! We are working with Lauren right now to create a new Harvest bracelet with instructions for the entire bracelet. Lauren submitted her original design for our 2015 Autumn Challenge Look Book, where she (unsurprisingly) won first place! Since then her bracelet has inspired many, but at this time we don't have it as a complete project.

Here's a few Skillbuilders and Handouts to get you started on making your own version of this wrap.
How to Secure a Project to a Project Tray
How to Ladder
Mosaic 4 Wrap
Learn Lauren's Stitch
NOTE: Lauren's Stitch is the herringbone stitch she used with Superduos, a two-hole Czech glass bead. This is not intended as a Beginner Beader’s primer on Laddering. To learn to ladder and weave with Superduos, please see the following video and handouts: Tricks to Laddering Video, Tricks to Laddering Handout (PDF), Seashore and Tapestry.
Calico Mix
Smokey Topaz Matte
Crystal Bronze Fire Red
Picasso Opaque Coral Red
Crystal Gold Rainbow
8-4202- Duracoat Galvanized Gold 8/0
TL457- Dark Bronze
TL304- Garnet Gold Luster
TL592- Antique Ivory Pearl Ceylon
TL2315- Burnt Sienna
TL2006- Matte Metallic Gold
TL458- Brown Iris
Shadows - Antique Brass
Gold Filled 3mm Round - Large Hole
6/0 Metal Seed Beads- Antique Copper Plate
Happy Donuts - Antique Brass
Two Sided - Antique Brass
Distressed Light Brown- 1.5mm Indian
Dark Brown- KO Thread


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