Tricks to Laddering, by Brittany Ketcham, is a Video Project we first published in 2012. It was and still is a huge success. All our samples were originally done with freshwater pearls and fine gemstones, which have unfortunately gotten more difficult to source. We have updated the samples and added a new companion PDF with many of your questions answered about what thread to use and how much leather to cut, etc. The video, only 20 minutes long, is still the best way to learn how to make a wrap bracelet. Click on any of the samples below to get the ingredients and see the Project Map. We hope you enjoy the video, the handout and the making! Happy beading! ~janice

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Tricks to Laddering Reflections 4 Wrap  Tricks to Laddering Homewood 4 Wrap
Chloe Wright
Climbing Vine- 3 Wrap
Reflections- 4 Wrap
Homewood-4 Wrap
Tricks to Laddering Delhi 5 Wrap Tricks to Laddering Pearl & Gem Class 4 Wrap Tricks to Laddering Pearl & Leather Single Wrap  Tricks to Laddering Sage 4 Wrap
Delhi- 5 Wrap
Pearl & Gem Classic-4 Wrap
Pearl & Leather-Single Wrap
Sage- 4 Wrap


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