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We all have our own style…

Sometimes I chuckle and ask my team…”Who found whom? Did I like blue-green first or did our customers like it and then I started making seafoam green jewelry?” At this point, it’s a chicken and egg story with a happy ending… in fact, this color family is so beloved, we even made a way for you to shop by color.

Beader Showcase is a great example of how each of us has our own take on color, design and composition. Many of us (and I mean plenty of us) just love turquoise blue, but there are so many different ways of interpreting blue-green. Take a look; it’s really a happy convergence.

Speaking of style; a great suggestion came from one of our customers, Andrea C. of Maryland. Andrea suggested a project landing page with links going to each ingredient category. So, if a project calls for an 8/0 Miyuki seed bead, you can click and see all 8/0’s and pick the color you like. Andrea wants to make Prairie Wraps in her own designs but was having a heck of a time going back and forth to pick products she wants. Does this sound familiar? What a great idea, Andrea! We’re working on it…just give us a little time.





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