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Happy Grandmother’s Day!

Recently I listened to Leslie Stahl on Public Radio talking about her new book, “Becoming Grandma: The Joys and Science of the New Grandparenting.” I remember when I first became a grandma and was overtaken with blinding love, not only for my amazing grandson, Eli, but for his mother, my daughter, Ashley.

After listening to Ms. Stahl, I was reminded of my own grandmother, Ethel Teichner. She barely spoke a word of English when she first immigrated from Hungary in the early 1900’s. She raised her three children and countless nieces and nephews and before she closed her eyes at the age of 92, she taught me and her gaggle of grandchildren so many life lessons. I used to love the hugs she gave me with her abundant arms and how her giggle sounded more like chimes than a laugh. As much as Sunday is Mother’s Day, it’s also a celebration of all the grandmothers who have loved us unconditionally.

With best wishes for a wonderful Mother’s Day,

xoxo Janice



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