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Last Project of the Year…


This has definitely been the year of the wrap bracelet for us at And of all the bracelet projects that sum up the best of us, Mosaic Wrap by Brittany Ketcham stands head and shoulders above the rest (which are all fantastic in my humble opinion)…so that does say a lot! 

 In many ways, Mosaic Wrap kick-started our obsession with Tila beads and the rest is history. As an ode to Brittany and to challenge ourselves to wrap even more, the entire staff made this a team-building project. We all shared in making the 4 Wrap samples, writing the Skill-Builders: How to Add Thread to a Laddering Projectand How to Silk Wrap and gathering everything we needed to finish out the year with a bang.

 As always, we hope you enjoy and you’ll let us know what you think and how you did. And a big thank you to Brittany who has a desk here at the office, even though she now spends most of her creative time in the North County. We miss you!

Happy holidays!


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                  Mosaic 4 Wrap based on the video, Mosaic Wrap by Brittany Ketcham