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When Something is the “Pièce de Résistance”…
The dictionary defines pièce de résistance as a phrase of French origin that describes the best of class, a showpiece, the end all. And, in my humble opinion, this video project and handout by Brittany Ketcham meets all expectations for a fantastic learning experience. Each section, each step (all 60 of them) are so complete, it is hard to imagine we can ever top this.
Brittany started her career when I had our store, The Bead Shop. She taught classes, designed jewelry, helped customers and through it all developed a personal style that is so distinctive to this day. From across the room, I can tell if it’s a “Brittany Ketcham”…her romantic pairing of colors and the way her designs flow are so unique.
In addition, Brittany is a talented videography, designer and writer. Bollywood Earrings reflects her love for teaching and sharing ideas and creativity. I hope you enjoy watching our newest video by Brittany which covers macramé and wire wrapping in minute detail, and so much more. 
And to follow Britt, please visit her blog and let her know how you did with Bollywood Earrings. Thanks so much!!
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The video and handout that tops the charts: Bollywood Earrings