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So Many Beads….So Little Time!

I admit I am a “bead junkie” because I think, breathe and dream beads, but what many people are surprised to learn is that I don’t own a massive bead collection. After all, I’ve been in the bead business since I was 12 and now I’m 65 so it is logical to imagine I would have trunk full of beads that I can’t part with. Not true! And please don’t do the math on my age!

I adore beads but I love more the beading side….my heart is in showing others what can be done with beads rather than filling a storage closet with baubles I can’t part with. I actually covet very few beads. There is just one strand I treasure. It is the Venetian strand you see pictured. I fell in love with it almost 40 years ago. This strand tells the story of everything I love about beads: I adore antique. I’m crazy about coral (in this case glass) and I gravitate to asymmetrical. 

For many years I have taught classes, written instructional handouts and designed jewelry projects for others to learn from. I have hovered like a helicopter mom over every aspect of The Bead Shop and now My staff will tell you I am tough and demanding, that I can micro-manage the smallest detail; I just believe the small stuff keeps the big stuff working on track.

I hope you enjoy our new Across Cultures handout and samples. It is a classic design that has been popular from the first moment we introduced it at The Bead Shop more than twenty years ago.

Happy beading,

xoxo janice

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                                             Venetian Trade Beads Circa 1817