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Project on my mind....

I have experimented for a long time wanting to create just the right project using waxed linen. It has been a favorite stringing material for me since way back when as a teenager working in my mom’s antique store. I still have jewelry I made on waxed linen from the old days and they are as good as new. It took me quite awhile, almost an Odyssey, to figure out how to make this project look thick and luscious but take into account the heaviness of the 4-Ply Waxed Linen. As you see from the photo to the right, it took a great deal of trial and error to get the final project. And when I did, to discover it can be made for less than $25, is a real perk. That makes me so happy. I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor and will, in fact, improve on what I did and make it better. I’m going to enjoy sharing it in our team beading session this Friday. I want to see what Karen, Beckie, Lacey, Savanna, Cat and Colette do and we will post soon on The Bead Table. Happy beading, everyone!



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                          Early-on samples of Odyssey when I tried to make it wrap just once. It                        became quite clunky to macrame a button loop. Back to the drawing board!