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Hi There!

I love the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. With my father now 102, each holiday is precious. And even though this is THE busiest season here at, it doesn’t mean we don’t take down time to bead with friends and family. We think Pattern Stack Wrap is a great project for a gathering and we decided to create special handouts for techniques you might want to learn and share when you do a project. Like, “How do I ladder?” or “How do I tie my project to a board?”. Since we get asked these questions all the time, we thought we would start to create a section we call Skill Builders. We will be adding more in 2015, so keep checking back.

Speaking of 2015, we are gearing up to move our website to a newer, faster platform. It has been such a challenge doing this and adding features you have asked for and we have wanted. That won’t be happening until early 2015, but keep your fingers crossed that the developers have their bead groove on and it’s everything we’ve all dreamed of.

 And most of all, thank you for shopping with us and writing us and friending us and telling others and everything you have done over the course of the last year to make it possible for to grow to 6 in staff plus me. It would not have happened without your support. So, when I sit down at our Thanksgiving table, I will be saying a big thanks to all of you for making us one of your places to find projects and products to inspire.


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                              Pattern Stack Wrap by Janice Parsons, sample by Cat Fistori