Project and Sample by Janice Parsons

When Janice created Origins, it all started as an idea. As she continued to design, the ideas really began to flow. Just like a steady stream, let the course of beading take you along the design journey naturally.
Start with an idea, some inspiration, a thought…Janice was inspired by the West African Mixes and the new Egyptian Clasps…and thus this cuff came about! Beading with mindfulness and patience, designing with Janice’s techniques of lane-ing and spacing…it shows in how this bracelet flows.

Links to Learning: Be sure to watch Janice and Kate on Facebook LIVE January 24, 2018, or watch the rebroadcast above by clicking the Video Tab.
Cleo 5- Antique Brass
$5.35 USD
Soft Flex .014/ Satin Silver 10ft
$7.85 USD
West African Mix- Water
$9.50 USD
4mm Persian Turquoise Picasso
$3.25 USD
6mm Melons- Ivory Turquoise Wash
$3.00 USD
Little Shadows- Antique Silver Plate
$22.95 USD
11-4481 Duracoat Opaque Eucalyptus
$4.15 USD
Tierra Heishi-Bright Silver
$5.75 USD
Teardrop Bauble- Antique Silver
$16.50 USD
Little Lentil- Antique Brass
$5.75 USD
Tiny Tassel- Turquoise/Silver
$1.65 USD
Heart Charm- Antique Brass
$1.25 USD
Sacred Symbol Two- Silver
$1.00 USD
Beadsmith Crimp Tubes- Assorted Colors
$7.25 USD
3mm Crimp Covers- Ant. Brass
$4.25 USD
Wire Guardians-Antique Brass
$4.50 USD
Oval Antique Brass Jump Rings - 4mm/20G
$2.00 USD
Xuron 4 in 1 Crimper
$21.95 USD
Xuron Thread & Cord Scissor
$19.95 USD
Eurotool Chain Nose Pliers
$12.95 USD
Eurotool Bent Nose Pliers
$12.95 USD


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