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Perfect End Thread Burner

Thread Cauterizing Tool By Eurotool

Unit: ea
$24.95 USD

Used by Kate for years, this is the original Perfect End Thread Burner by Eurotool. It is tailor-made for eliminating frayed ends of synthetic thread or cord (including KO, Hana, C-Lon and Tuff Cord). Powered by one AA battery (included), the tip heats up red hot at the touch of a button and melts thread almost instantly. Kate’s advice to get years of happy use:

  1. Take the battery out when not in use and
  2. Always store it with the cap on.

Please Note: The tip is a delicate heating element and can be damaged by bending, overuse, or exposing to moisture. Perfect End Thread Burner is warranted for 30 days from purchase. Replacement tips are available for purchase.

Sold Individually.