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QTL151FR Matte Transparent Cobalt AB

5x1.2x1.9mm with 0.8mm Holes

Unit: tube
$5.35 USD

Quarter Tilas are taking the bead world by storm! With precision sizing and consistent holes, Quarter Tilas can be laddered with Half and Full Tilas to create awesome designs...we’d love to see these in a Mosaic Wrap! See how Kate uses them in her Bargello Wrap Bracelet.

A truly brilliant blue with hints of AB highlights, 151FR is one of Miyuki’s most popular colors and we can see why! The glass color and Iris coating is softened in the final stages of the manufacturing process to take away the shine, leaving us with a matte bead. 

The hole sizes will allow Tuff #1 and Micro C-lon up to 2 times and multiple passes with Size D C-Lon and KO.

Made in Japan by Miyuki, the leader in high-quality seed beads.

Sold in tubes of 10 grams/approximately 480 beads.