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Traditional End Tips- Silver

2.5x5mm Plated Brass Bead Tip, IHD: .6mm

Unit: pkg
$3.25 USD

Definitely a classic from before any of us were born, the traditional end tip is still Janice's favorite way to close knotted pieces using Griffin or silk. "I grew up with the traditional end tip and I never saw a necklace break because the end tip failed. It's just so secure, if closed correctly."
Check that your knot won't pull through the end tip. Add a bit of GS Hypo Cement on the knot for security. Using your round nose pliers, continue the arc of the handle so that it rests just inside the end tip to form a complete half circle.

Project Ideas: See how we've used end tips in Silk FloatsContemporary Bead Knotting, and The Girlfriend Necklace.

Sizing Info: 2.5x5mm with a 0.6mm hole.

Sold in package of 10 pairs (20 pieces).