Silvered Hematite

Silvered Hematite

4mm Pyrite-Plated Hematite Rondelles
Unit: strand

We love pyrite in natural bronze, but it’s just as delicious in silver. One of the newest stories in the bead industry is the renaissance the stone hematite is having; It is being used as the base bead for a coating of pyrite in assorted metallic coatings. Manufacturers start with a hematite bead and give it a rich, pyrite coating. There are all levels of quality on the market; we took our time finding a source that we feel meets our tough standards. Imported from China. See how we used this bead in Strong Point, a 5 wrap ladder bracelet.

Strands measure 15-½ inches and have approximately 168-170 beads. Sold by the strand.nd.


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