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Russian Blue

3 - 7mm Antique Tubular Barrel Glass Beads

Unit: strand
$7.95 USD

Made in Bohemia in the early 1800's, these gorgeous cornflower blue beads were made by bead makers in the style of Russian Blue Glass. With multiple sides, their odd-shaped surfaces catch the light. They won us over with their charm and hard-to-find blue color and all their scuff marks. As they are antiques, expect pitting, stains and variations in size. Hole size is generous and will easily fit 2-3mm leather. 

Sold in package of 30-35 beads, measuring approximately 5 inches when strung. When we are out of stock on Russian Blue, be sure to look at Blue Currency. They are a bit bigger, but they are also the real thing and would look great in Nantucket 5-7 Wrap.