Peridot Briolettes

Peridot Briolettes

10mm Heart Briolettes IHD: 0.4mm
Unit: Each

In a green that is almost impossible to describe, these gemstone Peridot briolettes seem to have the ability to bring us right back to something so important; finding our heart center. Peridot is a stone of the Heart Chakra and is known to help rebalance and heal us…and doing all this while being amazingly beautiful! Hole size is small due to gem quality; it will fit 26 gauge wire and fine thread like Micro C-Lon and KO. Because these briolettes are machine cut in India, they are extremely consistent. We always do our best to match an order of more than one briolette, but we cannot promise our next shipment will be exactly the same. Please watch our video How to Wire Wrap a Briolette and get ready to play with them in our Summer of Love and Bollywood Earring Projects.

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