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Peach Moonstone Briolette


Unit: Each
$7.95 USD

Best known for stimulating love and bringing one back to Mother Nature and the feminine self, Peach Moonstone is collected and admired by many around the world. Almost looking like a white chiffon covered in apricot gauze, this gemstone has a way of looking great with everything.

Project Ideas: A no-brainer for earrings! We also love them as charms in wrap bracelets like Hydrangea or necklaces like Bend In The River. Pair with tiny Gem Rondelles for a Constellations Jewels Project.

Sizing: Hole size is small due to gem quality; it will fit 26 gauge wire. See our How to Wire Wrap a Briolette Skill Builder!

Notes: We will do our best to match an order of more than one briolette, but we cannot promise our next shipment will be the same.

Made in India. 

Sold Individually.