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ParaWire Bare Copper- 26G Round

26 Gauge Copper Dead Soft Wire

Unit: spool
$4.25 USD

So pliable, soft, and ready to bend to your rule, 99% Pure Copper Wire in 26 gauge from Parawire is the perfect craft wire for wire-wrapping gemstones and fine-hole briolettes. Go ahead...you can hammer it, antique it, solder it, or torch it. The uncoated copper is the closest craft wire to precious metal in how it responds to your touch. This is a favorite wire of both Kate and Emily. See our Skill Builder: How to Wire-wrap a Briolette and have some real fun with wire! Real copper wire will patina naturally over time, and you can also antique this wire with Liver of Sulphur.

Sold on spool of 30 yards (90 feet).