Olive - Regular C-Lon

Olive - Regular C-Lon

86 yards 3-ply Twisted Nylon
Unit: Spool

This is such a perfect shade of green, it was just the match we wanted for Born Yesterday, a project using golden olive and brown serpentine beads. Great for macramé, bead crochet, kumihimo, knotting and other textile projects, Regular C-Lon bead cord is a 3-ply twisted multi-filament nylon that has been an industry standard for many years. Originally created for the upholstery business, Regular C-Lon has found a home with jewelry and fiber artists. It is almost identical to Superlon 18 and close to Tuff #3 in thickness. Made in USA.

Purchase 8 C-lon spools in a mix of colors and sizes and we'll send you a little box for storing, no charge!

Each spool is approximately 86 yards. Sold individually.


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