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New Love- February 2018

Custom Mix of 11/0, 8/0 and 6/0 Miyuki Seed Beads

Unit: tube
$9.95 USD

It’s February and Winter is still around but signs of Spring are beginning to appear…just a blush of new life! And, of course, February is the month of love, but this is much more than just the typical “Pink,” it’s something to remind us of those moments when we didn’t yet know about romance...we were just children.

Like all our Monthly Mixes, Young Love is available for a limited time. The nine different beads used are: 6-155FR, 6-592, 8-593, 8-4455, 8-224, 8-4201, 11-410FR, 11-4204, 11-2023. If you purchase the beads separately, it costs almost $45…so this is a great way to try them all and have a special mix made by hand in our bead studio. Happy beading!

Sold by the tube of 22 grams. Mix may vary slightly from photograph.