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Mum's The Word- November 2022

Custom Mix of Miyuki 8/0 and 6/0 Round Rocailles

Unit: tube
$8.95 USD

For 2022's Monthly Mixes we are focusing our inspiration on birth month flowers...for November, it's the crisp Chrysanthemum.

It's Drea's birthday month! And this flower is one of her favorites. Every Autumn these plants pop up as part of the seasonal decor...all shades of purple, burgundy, and ivory--Drea's faves! Throw in some pumpkins and you've got a fall landscape in no time flat--easy peasy, just how Drea likes it. This blend features some picks Drea has been hanging onto for months...we all hope you enjoy!
This mix is a blend of 6/0 and 8/0 Round Rocailles. See how Alley Mori incorporated this mix into both Setting The Mood and Mosaic wrap bracelets.

You can find many ideas of what we’ve done with past Monthly Mixes here

When sold out, or if you’d like to purchase the individual  beads used in these mixes, the beads used are:

Sold individually, in tubes of 20 grams.