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Melange- October 2023

Custom Mix of Miyuki 8/0s

Unit: tube
$12.95 USD

This year, we're looking at "The World Around Us." Be it a place, a work of art, a piece of music, even a scent! For October, we looked right at our website and created a MEGA MIX!

About a year ago we started re-organizing our Beads & Gems page with brighter, cleaner more cohesive photos...including one very popular one for our "all Miyuki" page. We are always being asked what the colors are, and we don't blame you...they're a gorgeous blend, aren't they? So we decided to go really nuts this month (honestly, this may be the craziest mix we have ever made!) and make that photo our Monthly Mix! We did have to change a few things here and there based on availability, but this mix is ALL Miyuki, ALL 2005/2035/2008, and ALL fun. We weren't sure how it would look once all blended together, but we were wowed by the results. Drea even said "it's a party in a tube!" 

This mix is a blend of Miyuki Round Rocailles, Tilas, Cubes, Spacers, Drops, and Bugles.

You can find many ideas of what we’ve done with past Monthly Mixes here

When sold out, or if you’d like to purchase the individual  beads used in this mix, the beads used are:

    Sold individually, in tubes of 20 grams.