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Margarita Mix- June 2023

Custom Mix of Miyuki 8/0s, 6/0s, and Spacers

Unit: tube
$7.95 USD

This year, we're looking at "The World Around Us." Be it a place, a work of art, a piece of music, even a scent! For June, Drea wanted something refreshing to remind her of her recent vacation...

Struck by the coloring of pale lime-green margaritas in a glass swirled with cobalt blue, Drea knew we had a winning color combo. On her April vacation to Cabo San Lucas she drank quite a few (ahem) and enjoyed them all...but none more than the classic with a salt rim--so she even included a new spacer bead to represent it! This blend is mostly fresh bright greens in varying translucencies, with a pop of a gorgeous new cobalt and sprinkling of salty white.

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When sold out, or if you’d like to purchase the individual  beads used in these mixes, the beads used are:

    Sold individually, in tubes of 20 grams.